Campaign Update: Texas State Board of Education; Teach-In Sunday May 2, 2010

Texas State Board of Education; Teach-In Sunday May 2, 2010, State Capitol Steps… also, Send in Your Census Forms– there is a lot of hogwash to counter….
Save the Date:

In response to the Texas State Board of Education’s resistance to including important information about people/issues/events, particularly related to Latinos, a grass-roots group is planning a Teach-In on Sunday, May 2, 2010, from 2-4, on the front steps of the state capitol. In development.

Our good friends at the University of Texas at El Paso’s Center for Teaching and Learning have put together a dandy TEKS Watch (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) website and email outreach at: Center for Teaching and Learning

We thank them for staying on top of the issue and keeping us all informed!

From Gus Chavez of San Diego on Fear-Mongering and the Census

I am not aware of any organized group of Latinos or Latinas in San Diego County who are calling for a boycott of the imminent 2010 Census undertaking. Quite to the contrary, the Latino community in San Diego and elsewhere is aware of the enormous impact a fully participatory census count will have on all citizens and undocumented persons in the country. I personally disagree with the shallow and backward thinking of those who are calling for a boycott, in particular, the political grandstanding and advocacy of the boycott by self appointed “leaders” of the Washington D.C.-based National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders led by Rev. Miguel Rivera.  He calls any discussion of inclusion in the census by Latinos as “reprehensible and even considered, UN-AMERICAN” unless Congress passes  “legislation for a fair and humane immigration reform” and that anything short of that is nothing more than  ”brain-washing” of the value of the census for Latinos.  He even has the audacity to use his religious background to use the Bible who he claims “warns” against letting schools use census information as a way to “turn children against their parents.”  In my opinion, this is pure hogwash.

These are fear-mongering tactics reminiscent of the KKK, Nazi Germany and other repressive regimes experienced throughout the world. To propose such a census boycott is ludicrous and would be a major setback to the progress made by Latinos and Latinas in the nation. We have a long history of serving our country and many have died or suffered fighting for our full inclusion in American society and now to have a bunch of religious zealots openly call on undocumented people not to allow themselves to be counted in the census is, without question, un-American and un-Christian. Their action is right in line with those who have harbored and/or acted out on their anti-immigrant stances to the detriment of the community.  I pray that one day we will overcome the self-hate mentality of the likes of Rev. Miguel Rivera and his ilk. Simply to follow his advice is akin to taking a dark path leading undocumented people down into a deeper social crevasse.
Gus Chavez

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