Campaign Update: Texas State Board of Education; Teach-In Sunday May 2, 2010

Texas State Board of Education; Teach-In Sunday May 2, 2010, State Capitol Steps… also, Send in Your Census Forms– there is a lot of hogwash to counter….

Save the Date:

In response to the Texas State Board of Education’s resistance to including important information about people/issues/events, … Read More…

Video: PBS Excludes Latinos

April 6, 2007

PBS is udder fire from Latino Leaders from excluding Latinos from their War Documentary. The documentary makes no reference to the sacrifices that Latinos made during the war.

Video: PBS y la exclusión de los Veteranos Latinos en el Documental The War

April, 25, 2007

Dialogo de Costa a Costa (HITN TV) y la discusión sobre PBS y la exclusión de los latinos en el documental The War de Ken Burns.

Video: Eduardo Quezada Editorial About PBS and Ken Burns

May 11, 2007

Eduardo Quezada comenta sobre la controversial serie de PBS que relata las batallas de la segunda Guerra Mundial pero que no incluye la perspectiva de los soldados Hispanos.

Latinos’ Battle With Burns Taken to ‘War’ Sponsors

Paul Farhi
Washington Post Staff Writer
May 3, 2007

Latino advocacy organizations upset about filmmaker Ken Burns’s forthcoming PBS documentary on World War II have stepped up their campaign against the film, pressuring two corporate sponsors to remove their support.

Leaders of the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility, … Read More…

Burns Wages a Winning War & it’s his best work yet

By David Bianculli
Daily News
September 21, 2007

The War,” the latest epic documentary from Ken Burns and company, takes some 15 hours to tell the story of WWII – and it’s well worth the time.

Like his “The Civil War,” which PBS presented 17 years ago to … Read More…

After the War, A Struggle For Equality; Latino WWII Veterans Needed Another Kind of Courage at Home

David Montgomery
Washington Post Staff Writer
September 22, 2007

Latinos came home from World War II to a different struggle. A Medal of Honor for bravery didn’t guarantee service in certain restaurants. A soldier’s body in a coffin and an American flag for his widow didn’t merit admission to … Read More…

No Honor for Veterans at the Chronicle

By Brenda Walker
November 11, 2007

On Veterans’ Day, my thoughts turn in deep gratitude to the many Americans who have served in the military now and in the past.

But the San Francisco Chronicle used the occasion to dump on Ken Burns’ WWII documentary for not … Read More…

A Chance to Tell Their Stories; Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Honors Latino Veterans

By David Montgomerry
The Washington Post
October 7, 2007

Amid the ceviche and the salsa, the politicking and the edgy stand-up comedy routines — the usual ingredients of the burst of Latino pride that is the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute convention — there were quieter, stop-and-think moments … Read More…

Latinos and Indians will join PBS’ The War

By Marisa Guthrie
Daily News
April 12, 2007

PBS will not alter Ken Burns’ 15-hour World War II documentary “The War,” which is finished and scheduled to premiere in September.

But Burns will add to it.

The historian will produce an additional … Read More…