Burns Film’s Just One Example of Bad Times For Latinos

By Albor Ruiz
Daily News
September 16, 2007

THESE ARE NOT the best of times for Latinos. It’s not only Alberto Gonzales. It is also that not even the Latino soldiers who died for this country – their country – during World War II are recognized … Read More…

The Fight Over “The War”

From The Brian Lehrer Show
May 7, 2007

Angelo Falcon, president and founder of the National Institute for Latino Policy and member of the Defend the Honor Campaign, says Ken Burns’ upcoming documentary “The War” leaves out the Latino community’s contribution to the war effort … Read More…

Latino group attacks WWII film on PBS

Ken Burns

NY Daily News
By Ruchard Huff
March 15, 2007

Ken Burns’ epic World War II documentary won’t be aired until the fall and already it’s taking shots from a watchdog group because it doesn’t address Latinos in uniform.

Members of the Defend the Honor Campaign recently … Read More…