Latinos and Indians will join PBS’ The War

By Marisa Guthrie
Daily News
April 12, 2007

PBS will not alter Ken Burns’ 15-hour World War II documentary “The War,” which is finished and scheduled to premiere in September.

But Burns will add to it.

The historian will produce an additional … Read More…

The Story We Needed Ken Burns to Tell

By Cecilia Alvear
The Washington Post
September 22, 2007

There’s an application on my computer called the “Ken Burns effect.” It can dress up my picture slideshows by inserting pans and zooms, adding a feeling of motion to the still images. It mimics the technique filmmaker Ken … Read More…

Burns Film’s Just One Example of Bad Times For Latinos

By Albor Ruiz
Daily News
September 16, 2007

THESE ARE NOT the best of times for Latinos. It’s not only Alberto Gonzales. It is also that not even the Latino soldiers who died for this country – their country – during World War II are recognized … Read More…

Ken Burns and the Debate on Artistic Freedom

May, 2007
NPR Radio


I’m Michel Martin. This is TELL ME MORE from NPR News.

Later, how the Mormon Church is reaching out to African-Americans. But first, for many Americans, history only really comes alive when Ken Burns tells them about it. … Read More…

Documental genera polémica por excluir historias de soldados latinos

El Sol de México
10 de abril de 2007
Por Agencia EFE
Dallas, Texas, Estados Unidos.- Una serie de televisión que saldrá al aire en septiembre sobre la Segunda Guerra Mundial no incluye las historias de los soldados latinos que defendieron a EU, lo que ha generado una fuerte polémica.

El … Read More…