Latinos and Indians will join PBS’ The War

By Marisa Guthrie
Daily News
April 12, 2007

PBS will not alter Ken Burns’ 15-hour World War II documentary “The War,” which is finished and scheduled to premiere in September.

But Burns will add to it.

The historian will produce an additional … Read More…

Ken Burns and the Debate on Artistic Freedom

May, 2007
NPR Radio


I’m Michel Martin. This is TELL ME MORE from NPR News.

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Ken Burns, you are better than that!

by Rory O’connor
UNITED NATIONS – /, … Read More…

Hispanics Still Unhappy With Burns Film

The Associated Press
Thursday, April 12, 2007; 6:18 PM

WASHINGTON — Several Hispanic groups said Thursday they are unhappy with Ken Burns’ plan to amend his upcoming World War II documentary series, “The War,” by telling stories of Latino veterans during breaks … Read More…